Monday, 2 June 2008

'Use a Condom' campaign III

This is going to be the last ad on this particular campaign. I would have to move to another brand and I would let you know what brand that would be soon.

I have decided to take a different dimension in designing an Ad concept for the 'use a condom campaign'. I want to assume that the Nigerian Government conducted a research which gave a startling revelation that form the basis of my consumer insight ( A statement which portrays the consumer in conflict and the brand in resolution)...' sexually active Nigerian men do not use a condom during sexual intercourse because they are apprehensive about the size of their genitals'... (Remember this is just an ASSUMPTION!!!).
Armed with this fact, I have to design an Ad concept that would identify with the fear and phobia of my consumers (A shadow brand would fit perfectly into the picture) as well as correct all misconceptions.

Not forgetting, I also have to take them through the experience! Hmmm...How do I crack this brief???

Well, I finally came up with this! Lets see what you have to say...

What's your size?


use a condom always...


Duchess said...

wow...tht was a brilliant idea...very creative too...n i also love the copy...'condom condones any'.....i rate this 8/ there any campaign on condom coming up soon?....less i forget...i ma first here.....hippppeeeeeeee!!!

Femi Beckley said...

Thats an interesting assumption, Never heard that one before. Anyway i think the visuals effectively tackles the misconception, but i don't read fear from it, ....well thinking about it again... nails do hurt..........hmmmm
Nice creative Ads

OluwaDee said...


U r really serious bout this stuff.

Dammy said...

@Duches: You really need to see me, I am dancing, feeling like a high school boy who has just seen his end of term result! Thanks for your!

@Femi beckley: I am hapy you could figure it out! Thanks for stopping by!

@Oluwadee: Ha! my sister, I am really serious ooo! No be small thing o! I just have to do what I have to do.
Thanks for checking!

Sharon said...

This would have to be an assumption because wearing a condom doesnt take away the size of ones penis. Even if it did .....if I was a man I would rather wear a condom to save my life than die trying to prove the size of my manhood.

So now I ask....does this statement mean that ALL Nigerian men have an issue with their size?

Hmmm, I would like to speak to this person that made these accusations ;)

Dammy said...

@ sharon: LOL!!! It was just an assumption dear and not a reality! I cooked that up for the purpose of creating this ad!

Thanks for your comment!

musco said...

absolutely creative!

i'm sure Dr. Eghbokare will be proud of u wherever she is now.

thanks 4 stopping by my blog.

Beyond said...

wow, that's total genius. it's a perfect concept for the ad.

Macadamia The Nut said...

I like the concept... esp with the report of the survey it makes sense.

Dammy said...

@Musco: Lol! Bros, dat babe try sha!
Thanks for your comment!

@Beyond:I am more than flattered! Thanks for stopping by!

@macadamia the nut: You are absolutely right cos the survey gave the ad the needed credibility!
Thanks for your comment!

What about our deal?Lol!

bumight said...

i love the concept, wasnt it in one naija state that they banned condom use? i'll love to see this advert run! kudos!!

Sha said...



Anonymous said...

as much as i appreciate the ingenuity of this copy i still think nails aint a very good reflection of what 'that stuff' is.

it sure gives the creeps.does this validate the assumption that african men are near beasts in bed? (if a nail really describes what they have got)
nice copy all the same

princesa said...

I think there is a space for you in the AD world, u dey try!

That pic doesnt cut it for me tho.

Dammy said...

@Bumight: I didn't hear about the banning of the use of condoms in a particular state in Nigeria and if that truly happened, then it must be very ridiculous! Thanks for stopping by.

@ sha: Funny right? lol!

@Anonymous: Hmmm..on a second thought I see what you mean. I have been thinking about the pix lately although I used 'nails' cos they are usually driven into objects just like 'that stuff' is best at 'penetration' and fair at 'titration' lol! (silly boi Dammy).

"does this validate the assumption that african men are near beasts in bed? (if a nail really describes what they have got)" you will get the ladies scared with this statement!!!lol! I wasn't trying to validate any assumptions ooo! Bros no put me for trouble ooo! Lol!
I really appreciate your honest criticism...I have this feeling that you are in the AD world. Thanks for stopping by,

@princessa: Thanks so much for your comment. I just hope you people won't exhaust the space ooo!lol.
I will note the pix...thanks once again!

Parakeet said...

I love this...very creative.

Parakeet said...

Do you have info on companies that conduct research in Nigeria that govt often use to form policies. You know companies like Ipsos Mori?

Dammy said...

@Paraket: Thanks for your comment. Well I really don't know about such Companies in Nigeria but I sure do know that most Ad agencies have an in-house research department. But I would find out and keep you posted.

Thanks for stopping by!