Wednesday, 6 May 2009

When truth is true...

Nagging thoughts drone incessantly on my burdened heart and like a heavy cloud, the imaginary weight on my head cast a shadow on the plain white sheet in front of me. ‘I am the man’ I whispered and so, should I mask my face with a smile while swallowing the bitter pill of pain? I rolled my sleeve up one more time - pen in hand, ready to give a voice to my lingering thoughts.

As my bare pen kisses the virgin white sheet, it appears that in their union, my worries take flight as I behold a spectacle - my pen and the sheet, entangled in a bridal dance!

A familiar rhythm rents the air, fanning the embers of a budding love.

I watch in awe as my old faithful pen do that romantic swing with the pretty white sheet who flashes seductive smiles, like a bride savouring each moment with gleeful pride. They danced through the night, unperturbed by my towering presence. The lone moon kept vigil as twinkling balls adorn the sky, in readiness for such rare celestial union. Against this background, my soul rest so profound…

I woke up!

I laugh at my illusions, but that laughter soon turned sour in my mouth when I found the same old faithful pen and the plain white sheet, lying peacefully on my bed-side table.

As I reach for the pen, the plain white sheet slips from the table; ferried by an ambitious wind, it drifts helplessly before it finally rested on the floor, close to my feet. Something caught my attention. The virgin white sheet has been deflowered!

The pride of her wall has been taken over by that ancient groom- the pen. Scribbled against that once virgin wall is the line:

"Forgiveness is therapeutic when truth is true"