Thursday, 29 May 2008

'Use a condom' campaign II

I would like to appreciate everyone who dropped a comment on my previous post (Trying my hands on copywriting). I am trying to explore other possible ideas on this social awareness campaign but in the meantime, I would like to know what your impression is about this ad. It is a print ad as well, encouraging the use of condom.


Don thrust,
Even if you trust!

Use a condom always...

Pix from UltraDisk™

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Gosh...Just got Tagged!

I thought I had escape this tagging thing but unfortunately, I was wrong! I have just been tagged! I just wish this cup would pass over me. I can imagine my Mom saying, 'Stop sulking boy, get on your feet and let it out'. Well that is exactly what I am going to do. I am going to let it out!

Lets go over the rules again(Gosh...I hate rules!).

1. link the person(s) who tagged you… Tairebabs

2. Mention the rules on your blog

3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours...

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5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged...

The Quirks..

If you are thinking of kidnapping me then I guess your best bet is to use a baby as a bait! I am a baby freak! Their soul searching stare, punctuated with radiant smiles at intervals and those soft hands that are always searching, trying to have a firm grip at anything would not cease to amaze me! I see life the way it should be lived and my imperfections are revealed underneath those probing but innocent eyes!Wow, can't wait to have mine! Babies are the most wonderful creatures of God!

As much as I love eating, I find it so embarassing each time I am asked what my favourite food is, because I DON HAVE ANY! I have tried without much success to make one particular food my favourite but each time I think it is Pounded yam with Egusi soup and I am served Rice and plantain, I get confused about which I prefer the most (Did I hear you say OLIVER TWIST? Lol). The thing is I like any good food, as long as it is well prepared!

I live with the fear that someday my Parents are going to tell me that they are not my real parents! I know this is a kind of weird but I have been leaving with this fear since childhood and I guess the reason is that my secondary(high) school is very close to an orphange home and the children from this Orphanage home constitute the bulk of the students in my school. I have listened to several of their stories about how they realised that the people they call their parents were not afteral their real parents and i just keep thinking it is going to happen to me too someday...But it better not cos I love my Parents so much!

I hate my first name!!! I don't know what my Parents were thinking about when they gave me that name! I wish I could talk as a baby, during my naming ceremony I would have halted the Pastor or Babalawo (lol) presiding over the ceremony at the mention of my first name! I guess that would have caused an uproar and I might have been termed a 'special child' lol. You know Africans have a way of mystifying things they don't have explanations for. Well, I use my middle name (Damilola, a.k.a Dammy) most of the time. But I can't discard my first name because it is on most of my documents! Poor kingsley...WHAT??? Sorry, I meant!

If you want to keep me awake all night, then put the lights on. I hate the light. I love to sleep in the dark. I love it quiet, warm and dark. It helps settle my wandering thoughts and chart a course for my imagination...hmmm, I love the dark!

Finally, I am a wreck when it comes to cooking! if I don't get it burnt, it would be so watery! I have tried so hard to impress my friends but each time I get into the kitchen, something happens to the food. Hey, but I can boil water. Lol!

The end.....Watch out for part 2. COMING SOON! Grab your copy now! lol....Did I hear you say this is not some scripts from Nollywood? lol

Alright, I have done my part, now it is your turn! Hmmm... I tag Lilian, Beyond, kemikalreactions, Zara, Pri, and macadamiathenut.