Friday, 20 December 2013

Season of Letters: What the books say about Nigeria

Dear Nigerians,

In this season of lettered thoughts,
let us draw inspiration from the men of letters.
Could it be, they forewarn of days such as these?

We started on this ‘Long Walk To Freedom’ as a nation,
until we find ourselves on ‘The Famished Road’.
From that point, we have been ‘No Longer At Ease’.

Then came the season of ‘So Long a Letter’.
Much like a script from ‘An African Night Entertainment’.
Missiles were launched in the guise of missives.

But sincerely, do we need ‘The Interpreters’
when we can see ‘Things 


 ‘We Must Set Forth At Dawn’
 to rid our country of  yet another  Accidental Public Servant’.

So it won’t be said of Nigeria someday soon...
‘There Was a Country’.


Temitola Ojo said...


Seun Olatoye said...

Nice! Very nice! And profound too : )