Tuesday, 29 March 2011


I love to write.
But I have been seated here for hours, facing this 'seeded' Ogun* board whose bright screen stares lustfully at me. I can only wish I could evoke the dreaded Sango* from his ancient slumber to spit words in place of fire and fill this blank screen with words. In my weakness, I could still sense I'd awaken an ancient struggle between deities, much older than my first word.

Before my eyes, they came alive. spitting fire, raining thunder. Flashes of lightning flares from my screen as metal meets fire. The battle of the gods has begun. I crawled to a corner and watched as history repeat itself. Naked gods, caught in a war of supremacy, sending balls of fire flying carelessly.

One of such balls dropped lightly on my board. It licked by screams in its fury before lashing out on my keys. Frightened on seeing my board go up in flames, I conjured Olokun* who rising from her throne in the sea, made the sky heavy and poured her burden on the warring dieties. Earth rejoiced as water deified the warring gods and humanity was born.

I woke up.
In front of me lies my laptop, drenched in water. I must have been dreaming.

Ogun* mythical god of iron. Sango* yoruba lightning god. Olokun* yoruba goddess of the sea


AlooFar said...

lol, keep dreaming dude.

nice one.

Today's ranting said...
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Today's ranting said...

This dream na wa ooo. Always love your writings.

Jayjazzy said...

uncle, its almost a year!!!! update....

Shar said...

Nicely written. I love to dream. BTW, nice rain effect here.