Thursday, 17 January 2008

A tribute to Bola Akinwunmi

It is with a heavy heart that I received the news of the death of one of my University classmate, Bola Akinwunmi who died in a car accident on the 26th of December , 2007.
Most painful is the fact that Bola has just tied the nuptial chord with her childhood sweeheart on the 11th of November 2007. It is still like a dream to think that Bola is gone just like that! I can still picture her petite but well rounded frame as she walks along the Departmental balcony with her usual characteristical smile, playing lightly on her lips. She carries herself with such grace, like one who has learnt the ways of the angels, touching lives with her warm smiles and generous attitude.
But she is gone and never would the faintest smile adorn her spotless face! Never would she be opportuned to walk this path of life again, for here is where the journey ends. The thought of life ending and the realisation that the deceased had plans and dreams bottled up inside of her, waiting for that great moment of realisation but all of which have evaporated into the thin air makes life nothing but an executioner waiting for that moment of conviction to unleash that deadly blow! All of those beautiful dreams, buried inside of her, waiting for tomorrow, have been cut short and never would see the light of the day!
I sit here wondering why mother earth would nourish us with the fertile flesh of our dear loved ones until we are ripe and fattened and then pluck us away from life's stem to feed the dry parched earth! Why should mortals be declared a feast for famished worms to feast on? Why?
But rest Bola! Let your soul savour the bliss of a heavenly abode, away from the hostility and prejudice of the human world! Away from a world of pains and labour; let your wandering soul find solace. Savour the bliss of eternity among your kinds - the angels with whom you have found a place of rest and relay our many plights to the Creator to whom your soul has returned. For maybe, he might for your sake ease our pains and wipe this scourging tears!
Adieu Bola!


Aloofaa said...

Oga mi, U should write a book this year!

Aloofaa said...

How u dey?

Seun Thomas said...

i like your blog. I especially like what you wrote about your friend. i was thinking about how fragile life was today and how we never appreciate things till they are gone.
How do we keep today forever with us, because that is what we have after all?

Krystyn said...

Thanks for writing this.